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Admission Procedures

The school admits students of any gender, race, colour, religion and any ethnic group. Applicants should submit the following;

  • A completed application / registration form
  • A copy of an official birth certificate
  • domyhomework

  • A copy of an identity document
  • Latest school report from previous school
  • Copy of result of any official examinations taken.
  • A transfer out letter.

Applicant will be required to write an aptitude test in Mathematics and English. Admission and placement will be based on performance of the aptitude test.


We offer the lowest fees amongst our English medium competitors. Our fees are subject to change by the School Board Action.



Form 1 – 4 (Tuition)Per term

  • Registration fee : P250.00
  • Development fee : P2500.00 (once of payment)
  • PTA levy: P100.00 per term.
  • Civvies Contributions: P100.00 per term.
  • Co– curricular Fee: P600.00 per term
  • Labs supplies: P300.00

Download Application form



Option1 –to  pay annual school fees at the beginning of the year and get a P500.00 discount.

Option2– to pay full term’s  fees at the beginning of every term.

Option3– to pay half of the term’s fees at the beginning of the term with P150.00 penalty fee and settle the balance  at the end of the first month of the term with a penalty fee of P150


Standard Charted Bank

Current Account #: 0100152932200

Mall Branch


Parents wishing to withdraw their children from the institution should notify the school in writing at least a month before the effective date of transfer. Failure to do so will result  in a term’s fee being charged in the child’s account.  Abide

School Uniform

Boys’ Uniform

Girls’ Uniform

Item Color & Description Item Color & Description
Blazer Maroon Blazer Maroon
Shirt White, Long & shortsleeved, trimmed with navy blue on collar & sleeve ends Shirt White, long & shortsleeved, trimmed with navy blue on collar & sleeve ends
Tie Maroon   Maroon
Trousers Navy Blue Pinafore&skirt Navy Blue with  sky blue piping.
Shoes Black leather (Polishable) lace-up shoes Shoes Black leather (Polishable) lace-up shoes
Socks Plain grey Socks White
Jersey Maroon, ½ Jersey Jersey Maroon, ½ Jersey
Tracksuit Navy blue trimmed with sky blue Tracksuit Navy blue trimmed with sky blue
Golf T-Shirt White(embroided) Golf T-Shirt White(embroided)
Accessories, eg, Scarves&
Navy Blue or black Accessories, eg, Hair bands Navy Blue or black/white

Dress regulation for girls

Students should:

Dress regulation for girls

  • Skirts must be of moderate length
  • Wearing of jewelry is not allowed
  • Hair must be away from the face for school. No dreads, tinting, braiding extensions and hair pieces.
  • Uniform must be worn at all school functions

Dress regulation for boys

  • Wearing of jewelry is not allowed
  • No dread or braiding
  • Hair must be short and tidy
  • No stylish hair cuts


Students should:

Attend school regularly

Hand in a letter of explanation or apology, from either their parents or Doctor, for their absence at school.

Attend all lessons and other school functions punctually

Maintain a clean and tidy personal appearance

Maintain a high level of personal behavior

Participate actively in all lessons

Do all written and learning assignments thoroughly and completely

Show respect for school staff, pupils and visitors.

Respect and protect school property and the school environment

A student is responsible for any breakage or damage which he / she causes to school property.

The disciplinary regime of the school is designed to develop a sense of responsibility, self-discipline and decency.  Students will be expected to behave well and to work hard in the fear of God Almighty. They should be committed to success rather than from a fear of punishment. For further details see student handbook


Daily Schedule

  • 0700-0730 Bible lesson /Chapel
  • 0730-1000 Period 1 to 5
  • 1000 -1020 Break
  • 1020 – 1320 Period 6 to 11
  • 1320 – 1400 Lunch break
  • 1400 – 1530 Study and Co-curricular activities
  • NB: Our program ends at lunch time every Friday.

Our Contacts

  • P/Bag 45 Mogoditshane
  • (+267) 74749178
  • (+267) 3115919