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School Curriculum

Co – curricular activities are compulsory. Each student is encouraged to participate in some sport or club in order to develop them Holistically :  Spiritually, Mentally, Socially and Physically.

Physical activities  available include: Table tennis, football, netball, volleyball, athletics and swimming.

In terms of clubs we have pathfinder, school choir, swimming club, building, carpentry, mechanics and some subject related clubs.


All students will be provided with the relevant exercise books and text books, which are on loan. However, students will be expected to buy themselves calculators, mathematics instruments and Bibles. [NIV or RSV]

The school offers a Four year program (Form 1 to Form 4), with the following subjects:

Junior Phase Senior PhaseScience Stream Senior PhaseArts/Commercial
English Language English Language English Language
Setswana or French Setswana or French Setswana or French
Mathematics Mathematics Mathematics
Bible Knowledge Bible Knowledge Bible Knowledge
Agriculture Agriculture Agriculture
Information Communication Technology (ICT) Information Communication Technology (ICT) Information Communication Technology (ICT)
Integrated Science Physics Geography/History
Geography/History Chemistry Business Studies/ Food & Nutrition
Business Studies/ Food & Nutrition Biology Physical Education/ Music
Physical Education/ Music Physical Education/ Music Accounts



All humans every day, everywhere are consumers of business as they work, spend, save, invest, travel and play. Eventually all students will encounter the world of business as it has a central effect on their standard of living and quality of life as humans and on the environment in which they live.  [read more=”Read More” less=”Read Less”]The study of business brings about in student recognition that all resources are a gift from God and man is responsible for the use of the gifts. The uses of these resources are business centered and controlled. All business operations should focus on stewardship towards others and what God gave us. Students will be able to be economically literate, understand their relation to the law as they focus on business justice, integrity and value of humans as consumers of business. [/read]


Enterprises are a central pillar of the modern globalized society. Business Studies provide the ability to understand, explain and act in various types of organizational contexts. Business Studies is a broad subject in the social sciences, allowing the in-depth study of a range of specialties such as accountancy, finance, organization and marketing. [read more=”Read More” less=”Read Less”]

Business Studies is also an interdisciplinary subject that incorporates knowledge from Sociology, Political Science, Psychology, Mathematics, Statistics and Law. If we have built an altar for ourselves intended to turn us away from following the Lord, or to offer burnt offerings, grain offerings or peace offerings on it, may the Lord himself demand an accounting from us. Joshua 22:23 [/read]


A high quality Physical Education curriculum that inspires all students to succeed and excel in sport and other physical demanding activities. It also provide opportunity for students to become physically confident in a way which supports their health and fitness. Opportunities to excel in sport and other activities build character and help to embed values such as fairness, respect, socializing and teamwork. [read more=”Read More” less=”Read Less”]

“Beloved, I wish above all things that thou mayest prosper and be in health, even as thy soul prospereth”. [/read]


Geography is the study of man and his environment and activities carried out to meet human needs and wants.

Geography is a discipline which presents opportunities for the development of spatial awareness through the study of maps, photographs, newspaper articles and other resources. [read more=”Read More” less=”Read Less”]

Because geography deals with current events and many kinds of phenomena in a global setting, it has the potential to help students recognize and respond to change within their communities at regional, national and international arena. Geography also deals with different ways in which people interact with their environment and the opportunities and challenges an environment can present thereby gaining a deeper insight into the different communities and cultures that exist around the world.

Through learning Geography, students learn that they are the custodians of the planet earth which was created by God as stated in Genesis 1:1-26. In the beginning God created the heavens and the earth, then God said, “Let us make man in our image and let them rule over it. [/read]


ible Knowledge is the study of scripture written at different times by different authors in different locations through the inspiration of the Holy Spirit for our spiritual growth. Studying Bible Knowledge is an investment of time for eternity and it helps train students in the right way. They should go as the Bible says in Proverbs 22:6 “Train up a child in the way he should go, and when he is old, he will not depart from it”. [read more=”Read More” less=”Read Less”]

Bible Knowledge will help the mind of students and provide them with a moral compass that will show them how they can live a God honoring life and fulfil the Lord’s purpose in their own life. It prepares the learners for careers in being Pastors, Counselors, Social workers or Bible Knowledge teachers. First year we study the Bible in general. Second year we study the book of Luke and Matthew. Third year we study the book of Acts. Forth year we then start revising everything that we have covered in the book of Luke/Matthew and Acts in preparation for the final examination. [/read]


The study of History helps learners appreciate historical events and how they have shaped the modern world. It is through history that learners understand who they are and where they come from, as well as an understanding of international issues. Cambridge IGCSE history offers the opportunity to study world history from the nineteenth century to the beginning of the twenty first century. [read more=”Read More” less=”Read Less”]

To learners, studying at Mountain Adventist Academy, history also affirms that God has always existed and that his creation of the world marked the beginning of human history. [/read]


 “Setswana culture has lost it’s value”. The current generation knows nothing about Setswana. Only western languages are recognized. All these talks sounds familiar to us and it’s so true. The question is, who is responsible for this, who can fix this. Yes us! Communicating in Setswana alone at home is not enough, we need to speak it, read and write it. Mother tongue and education are inseparable. [read more=” Read More” less=”Read Less”]

We cannot expect other people to recognize our language if we ourselves don’t take pride in it. We have to show the world that we esteem and love our language. Learning other languages is not a hitch but we should give our own first priority.

MVAA is giving us a chance to shine bright and let the world know about Botswana and Setswana.  [/read]


Ever heard of a universal language? A language that is spoken everywhere in every field. Yep! That’s English. Have you ever imagined the world without English? So, even if it was the only language you know, you are more than ready to travel the world. Everything is taught in English, so it means that’s where we all have to start.


How beautiful would it be having an internationally recognized language appear in your resume as one of the languages you speak? Imagine how great it must feel knowing that you can live in 29 different countries without having to be limited by barrier? Yes 29! [read more=”Read More” less=”Read Less”]

French language is an official language for 29 countries worldwide and it is one of the fastest growing languages, 2nd most spoken language after English, so why not learn it? Talk about international relations, it is an added advantage to the international job market so it is safe to say that it is a “door opening” language. Which company would say no to someone who can market them internationally?

Say if what you want to do in future is only offered in French Universities, are you going to abandon your dream? Oh no! you have got to learn this beautiful language now and get rid of the first possible obstacle.

Learning French is do fun and easy, all you need to do is to be willing and soon you will be saying “Bonjou” and Çava” like you were born in France.

Job market? It is far from being saturated when it comes to French. You can actually become anything anywhere around French speaking countries. Love students? Be a teacher, teach them French and better still go out and teach French, be a translator for tourists, courts of law, international offices and many more. Be adventurous and follow your career path outside your comfort zone.  

So, Mountain View Adventist Academy is actually giving you an opportunity to broaden your wings and fly as far as French can take you. Not just that, you get a chance to do it at the feet of Jesus.

Register now and do not be sorry later. [/read]


“The Lord God took the man and put him in the garden to till it and keep it” Genesis 2v15.

Agriculture is key to physical development of man through the use of hand as man tills the land in preparation for production of healthy foods which is fundamental to good health. [read more=”Read More” less=”Read Less”]

It promotes the dignity of labour as promulgated by God himself. Agriculture encourages critical thinking through research by employing scientific and problem solving techniques to meet the demand for food nationally and in the global world.

The philosophy of developing the “Head, Heart and Hand is uniquely achieved through the study of agriculture. [/read]


Physics is known to be “the fundamental science” because all natural sciences are constrained by the laws of physics. With physics you have exposure to ALL Sciences, what a privilege and honor you will have.

Now imagine choosing this powerful subject in MVAA where you are not fed with philosophies and laws but you are at the same time brought closer to the source of all wisdom, the physist himself, God. It is in our school where when connecting to the world of science you see the existence of God.

Extra Curriculum Activities

The  school offers remedial lessons to those in need of such and this is done under the supervision of teachers.


Our sporting activities include the following: Table Tennis, Volley ball, Net ball, Athletics, Football, Swimming

Our Clubs

Pathfinder Club

Pathfinders are a worldwide organization of young people sponsored by the Seventh-day Adventist Church, though young people of any religious persuasion, or none at all, are welcome and encouraged to join the organization.

Pathfinders offer a wide range of activities including, but not limited to:

  • Camping & camping/survival skills
  • Grade appropriate leadership training
  • Activities promoting community pride & involvement through outreach activities such as helping in downtown soup kitchens, collecting food for the disadvantaged, cleaning & maintaining city and county parks, visiting and encouraging the elderly, and MANY more
  • Interactive training in a variety of recreational, artistic, nature, conservation, vocational, and outreach areas, with awards (honors) given for successful completion of the interactive training modules


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